In Defence of Banality

When an obvious truth presents itself to us, we will, finding that it immediately agrees with our good judgement, accept it readily and without hesitation. We will think very little of this. To accept such a truth seems to us as natural as breathing. It isn’t that we don’t think about it at all, but rather that the truth is so concordant with our common sense that we needn’t think about it twice. We do not, as the saying goes, give it a second thought. And why should we? To consider it twice would be at best a trifling experiment and, at worst, a waste of time. So we file that little truth away, and it slips as easily and and elegantly into our composition as a hand does into a glove. Read More


Rubbish and the New Approach to Ecology

I’m standing on top of a landfill site about 5-6 kilometres north-north-west of Canterbury Cathedral, Kent. It is an ever-growing testament to our propensity for waste hidden in plain sight. From a distance, this hill looks like any other, covered as it is in vegetation, wild plants and grass. Read More